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Reduction of natural adenovirus tropism to mouse liver by fiber-shaft exchange in combination with both CAR- and αv integrin-binding ablation

Koizumi N., Mizuguchi H., Sakurai F., Yamaguchi T., Watanabe Y., Hayakawa T.

J. Virol., 77, 13062-13072 (2003)

Detection of replication-competent adenoviruses spiked into recombinant adenovirus vector products by infectivity PCR

Ishi-Watabe A., Uchida E., Iwata A., Nagata R., Satoh K., Fan K., Murata M., Mizuguchi H., Kawasaki N., Kawanishi T., Yamaguchi T., Hayakawa T.

Mol. Ther., 8, 1009-1016 (2003)

Characterization of in vitro and in vivo gene transfer properties of adenovirus serotype 35 vector

Sakurai F., Mizuguchi H., Yamaguchi T., Hayakawa T.

Mol. Ther., 8, 813-821 (2003)

Tight positive regulation of transgene expression by a single adenovirus vector containing the rtTA and tTS expression cassettes in separate genome regions

Mizuguchi H., Xu Z.L., Sakurai F., Mayumi T., Hayakawa T.

Hum. Gene Ther., 14, 1265-1277 (2003)

Antitumor effect by interleukin-11 receptor alpha-locus chemokine/CCL27, introduced into tumor cells through a recombinant adenovirus vector

Gao J-Q, Tsuda Y., Katayama K., Nakayama T., Hatanaka Y., Tani Y., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Yoshie O., Tsutsumi Y., Mayumi T., Nakagawa S.

Cancer Res., 63, 4420-4425 (2003)

Efficient gene transfer into human CD34+ cells by an adenovirus type 35 vector

Sakurai F., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T.

Gene Ther., 10, 1041-1048 (2003)

Generation of fiber-modified adenovirus vectors containing heterologous peptides in both the HI loop and C terminus of the fiber knob

Koizumi N., Mizuguchi H., Utoguchi N., Watanabe Y., Hayakawa T.

J. Gene Med., 5, 267-276 (2003)

Regulated gene expression from adenovirus vectors: a systematic comparison of various inducible systems

Xu Z.L., Mizuguchi H., Mayumi T., Hayakawa T.

Gene, 309, 145-151 (2003)

Woodchuck hepatitis virus post-transcriptional regulation element enhances transgene expression from adenovirus vectors

Xu Z.L., Mizuguchi H., Mayumi T., Hayakawa T.

Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1621, 266-271 (2003)

A soluble CAR-SCF fusion protein improves adenoviral vector-mediated gene transfer to c-Kit-positive hematopoietic cells

Itoh A., Okada T., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Mizukami H., Kume A., Takatoku M., Komatsu A., Hanazono Y., Ozawa K.

J. Gene Med., 5, 929-940 (2003)

Dendritic cells transduced with gp100 gene by RGD fiber-mutant adenovirus vectors are highly efficacious in generating anti-B16BL6 melanoma immunity in mice

Okada N., Masunaga Y., Okada Y., Mizuguchi H., Iiyama S., Mori N., Sasaki A., Nakagawa S., Mayumi T., Hayakawa T., Fujita T., Yamamoto A.

Gene Ther., 10, 1891-1902 (2003)

Vanadate enhances leptin-induced activation of JAK/STAT pathway in CHO cells

Kita A., Uotani S., Kuwahara H., Takahashi R., Oshima K., Yamasaki H., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Nagayama Y., Yamaguchi Y., Eguchi K.

Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 302, 805-809 (2003)

Postinfarction treatment with an adenoviral vector expressing hepatocyte growth factor relieves chronic left ventricular remodeling and dysfunction in mice

Li Y., Takemura G., Kosai K.I., Yuge K., Nagano S., Esaki M., Goto K., Takahashi T., Hayakawa K., Koda M., Kawase Y., Maruyama R., Okada H., Minatoguchi S., Mizuguchi H., Fujiwara T., Fujiwara H.

Circulation, 107, 2499-2506 (2003)

Thyroid cancer immuno-therapy with retroviral and adenoviral vectors expressing granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor and interleukin-12 in a rat model

Tanaka K., Towata S., Nakao K., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Niwa M., Ishii N., Nagayama Y.

Clin. Endocrinol., 59, 734-742 (2003)

Prevention of autoantibody-mediated Graves'-like hyperthyroidism in mice with IL-4, a Th2 cytokine

Nagayama Y, Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Niwa M., McLachlan SM., Rapoport B.

J. Immunol., 170, 3522-3527 (2003)

Enhanced antitumor effect of combined replicative adenovirus and nonreplicative adenovirus expressing interleukin-12 in an immunocompetent mouse model

Nagayama Y., Nakao, K., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Niwa M.

Gene Ther., 10, 1400-1403 (2003)

Role of H1-calponin in pancreatic AR42J cell differentiation into insulin-producing cells

Morioka T., Koyama H., Yamamura H., Tanaka S., Fujimoto, S., Emoto M., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Kojima I., Takahashi K., Nishizawa Y.

Diabetes, 52, 760-766 (2003)

A novel T7 system utilizing mRNA coding for T7 RNA polymerase

Nakano R., Nakagawa T., Imazu S., Katayama K., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Tsutsumi Y., Nakagawa S., Mayumi T.

Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 301, 974-978 (2003)

Gene transduction efficiency and maturation status in mouse bone marrow-derived dendritic cells infected with conventional or RGD fiber-mutant adenovirus vectors

Okada N., Masunaga Y., Okada Y., Iiyama S., Tsuda T., Matsubara A., Mori N., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Fujita T., Yamamoto A.

Cancer Gene Ther., 10, 421-431 (2003)

A novel PPAR gamma gene therapy to control inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease in a murine model

Katayama K., Wada K., Nakajima A., Yoshida S., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Nakagawa S., Kadowaki T, Nagai R., Kamisaki Y, Blumberg RS., Mayumi T.

Gastroenterology, 124, 1315-1324 (2003)

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