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CAR- orαv integrin-binding ablated adenovirus vectors, but not fiber-modified vectors containing RGD peptide, do not change the systemic gene transfer properties in mice

Mizuguchi H., Koizumi N., Hosono T., Ishii-Watabe A., Uchida E., Utoguchi N., Watanabe Y., Hayakawa T.

Gene Ther., 9, 769-776 (2002)


Enhanced antitumor effect and reduced vector dissemination with fiber-modified adenovirus vectors expressing herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase

Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T.

Cancer Gene Ther., 9, 236-242 (2002)


The tet-off system is more effective than the tet-on system for regulating transgene expression in a single adenovirus vector

Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T.

J. Gene Med., 4, 240-247 (2002)


Adenovirus vectors containing chimeric type 5 and type 35 fiber proteins exhibit altered and expanded tropism and increase the size limit of foreign genes

Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T.

Gene, 285, 69-77 (2002)


Strength evaluation of transcriptional regulatory elements for transgene expression by adenovirus vector

Xu Z.L., Mizuguchi H., Ishii-Watabe I., Uchida E., Mayumi T., Hayakawa T.

J. Control. Release, 81, 155-163 (2002)


Comparison of the efficiency and safety of non-viral vector-mediated gene transfer into a wide range of human cells

Uchida E., Mizuguchi H., Ishi-Watabe A., Hayakawa T.

Biol. Pharm. Bull., 25, 891-897 (2002)


Receptor-independent augmentation of adenovirus-mediated gene transfer with chitosan in vitro

Kawamata Y., Nagayama Y., Nakao K., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Sato T., Ishii N.

Biomaterials, 23, 4573-4579 (2002)


Enhancement of phage-mediated gene transfer by nuclear localization signal

Akuta T., Eguchi A., Okuyama H., Senda T., Inokuchi H., Suzuki Y., Nagoshi E., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Takeda K., Hasegawa M., Nakanishi M.

Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 297, 779-786 (2002)


Tumor necrosis factor α-gene therapy for an established murine melanoma using RGD (Arg-Gly-Asp) fiber-mutant adenovirus vectors

Okada Y., Okada N., Nakagawa S., Mizuguchi H., Takahashi K., Mizuno N., Fujita T., Yamamoto A., Hayakawa T., Mayumi T.

Jpn. J. Cancer Res., 93, 436-444 (2002)


A Novel murine model of graves’ hyperthyroidism with intramuscular injection of adenovirus expressing the thyrotropin receptor

Nagayama Y, Kita-Furuyama M., Ando T., Nakao K., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Eguchi K., Niwa M.

J. Immunol., 168, 2789-2794 (2002)


Modification of a fiber protein in an adenovirus vector improves in vitro gene transfer efficiency to microglial cell line

Omori M., Mizuguchi H., Ohsawa K., Kohsaka S., Hayakawa T., Abe K., Shibasaki F.

Neurosci. Lett., 324, 145-148 (2002)


Identification of the p33ING1-regulated genes that include cyclin B1 and proto-oncogene DEK by using cDNA microarray in a mouse mammary epithelial cell line NMuMG

Takahashi M., Seki N., Ozaki T., Kato M., Kuno T., Nakagawa T., Watanabe K., Miyazaki K., Ohira M., Hayashi S., Hosoda M., Tokita H., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Todo S., Nakagawara A.

Cancer Res., 62, 2203-2209 (2002)


Autoinhibitory regulation of p73 by Delta Np73 to modulate cell survival and death through a p73-specific target element within the Delta Np73 promoter

Nakagawa T., Takahashi M., Ozaki T., Watanabe K., Todo S., Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T., Nakagawara A.

Mol. Cell. Biol., 22, 2575-2585 (2002)


Fiber-mutant technique can augment gene transduction efficacy and anti-tumor effects against established murine melanoma by cytokine-gene therapy using adenovirus vectors

Okada Y., Okada N., Nakagawa S., Mizuguchi H., Kanehira M., Nishino N., Takahashi K., Mizuno N., Hayakawa T., Mayumi T.

Cancer Lett., 177, 57-63 (2002)


The role of tissue macrophages in the induction of proinflammatory cytokine production following intravenous injection of lipoplexes

Sakurai F, Terada T, Yasuda K, Yamashita F, Takakura Y, and Hashida M.

Gene Ther., 9, 1120-1126 (2002)


Improvement of adenovirus vectors for gene transfer

Mizuguchi H., Hayakawa T.

Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects, Springer, 12, 1-5 (2002)


in vitroライゲーションを利用したアデノウイルスベクターの作製・増殖法

水口裕之, 早川堯夫

実験医学, 羊土社, 20, 1799-1804 (2002)




Drug Delivery System, 日本DDS学会, 17, 60-61 (2002)

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